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words of note

One encounters so many interesting words while reading, some of which are unfamiliar, some of which – though tantalizing – send one to the dictionary immediately, and some of which linger in the mind even if already known. I used to gather such things elsewhere in bits and pieces, but it seems amusing to collect […]

diabolo, l’emigrette & la dame de pique

On toys, literature, gaming, and the perils of history.

no fuss no muss

Repetition and cross-cultural echoes.

layers upon layers

The cut direct.


Regarding Cornus mas.

to have done

Infixes and conjugations.

ha eli

Little phrases.

a quiver


an interval

In a backward bin.


After the fact.

ablative abecedarian

Also as it sounds.


On quires and choirs.

I feel sick


of doubtful origin

Provenance unknown.


On the origins of regret.


Don’t flip.

apropos of nothing

Small rain.


As it sounds.

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