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‘The Putrefaction of the Flesh of the Dying Emperor Galerius’, about 1413–1415 (Ms. 63, fol. 258) It is a short step from reading about how the early Greek philosophers tried to make sense of the world (and how scholars throughout the ages have tried to make sense of early Greek philosophers) to reading medical texts […]

cut to the chase

‘A doctryne of doctoris’ or ‘a example of maisteris’ Normally when I get an idea, I charge ahead and scribble about it, tangling words together in the hopes that I will net my quarry – that is, some sort of sense (even if it is nonsense). Usually it works (more or less), but sometimes it doesn’t. […]

lapsus calamities

Collected over time and extracted from elsewhere:1 immunogoblins explainatory weekend immune system bears withness ‘tights’ for ‘ties’ ‘sawn’ for ‘sewn’ maniacal pencil Beowful ‘fastened’ for ‘expedited’* ‘mezzo’ for ‘meso’ proprosed thoughs ‘to don’ for ‘do not’ ‘plaid’ for ‘played’ armhold clearify* trail and error ‘Ministory’ for ‘Ministry’ ‘tenants’ for ‘tenets’ ‘famine’ for ‘feminine’ ‘phycological’ for […]

words of note

One encounters so many interesting words while reading, some of which are unfamiliar, some of which – though tantalizing – send one to the dictionary immediately, and some of which linger in the mind even if already known. I used to gather such things elsewhere in bits and pieces, but it seems amusing to collect […]

diabolo, l’emigrette & la dame de pique

On toys, literature, gaming, and the perils of history.

no fuss no muss

Repetition and cross-cultural echoes.

layers upon layers

The cut direct.


Regarding Cornus mas.

to have done

Infixes and conjugations.

ha eli

Little phrases.

a quiver


an interval

In a backward bin.


After the fact.

ablative abecedarian

Also as it sounds.


On quires and choirs.

I feel sick


of doubtful origin

Provenance unknown.


On the origins of regret.


Don’t flip.

apropos of nothing

Small rain.


As it sounds.

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