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These are some texts I’ve gathered for your edification and amusement, or your irritation and scorn, as you prefer.


Characters of Theophrastus (Jebb’s translation)
Character-sketches of Athenian life, ca. 300 bc – originally intended as a classification of mankind. There is also a 17th century translation by Joseph Healey.
Overbury’s Characters
Theophrastian anthropology from Jacobean London (1615); author uncertain. Printed with ‘A Wife’ – Sir Thomas Overbury’s poem on the virtues of the ideal woman (1613).
A good-tempered imitation of Theophrastus, particularly sharp on academic ‘subjects’ (1628).

Gilded Age

The Next Time
A short story about literary life by Henry James (1895).
Don Tarquinio: a Kataleptic Phantasmatic Romance
The purported ‘tralation’ of the memoir of one day in the life of an aristocrat in the time of the Borgias, by Fr. Rolfe Baron Corvo (1905).

The ‘Great’ War

Malice in Kulturland
The complete text and illustrations of an appalling English booklet published by The Car Quarterly (1915).
Poems of A. G. West
From West’s posthumously published Diary of a dead Officer (1918).

Personal Anthology

Emily Dickinson
Some – but not all – of the poems of hers that I like.

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