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Citation (1)

a quiz…

Citation (2)

playing sortes virgilianae with Middlemarch

Citation (3)

from The Book of the Knight of La Tour-Landry

Citation (4)

Essays in Idleness

Citation (5)

from the Journals of Charlotte Forten Grimké…

Citation (6)

Anna Comnena on the character of a good leader…

Citation (7)

T.E. Hulme pontificates…

Citation (8)

from Tamburlaine the Great

Citation (9)

political advice from Last Letters of Jacopo Ortis

Citation (10)

a glimpse in the mirror.

Citation (11)

the cunning Manager.

Citation (12)

historical realities…

Citation (13)

notions and scruples.

Citation (14)

the character of a historian.

Citation (15)

idiosyncratic writing…

Citation (16)

the author disinterested in finances…

Citation (17)

Impossible Object

Citation (18)

adventurous students always read classics.

Citation (19)

athletes and academics.

Citation (20)

a love-song, a love-song.

Citation (21)

Margaret Cavendish gazes into eternity…

Citation (22)

marks of the excellent man.

Citation (23)

modesty & the art of pronunciation.

Citation (24)


Citation (25)

identity crisis.

Citation (26)

eccentric employments.

Citation (27)

philosophical hedonism and the necessary…

Citation (28)

language strata at high table.

Citation (29)

Philip Marlowe faces the day…

Citation (30)

Robert Musil gets twisted up.

Citation (31)

Strabo considers ancient stories about the Armenians…

Citation (32)

on fashion and the happy traveller…

Citation (33)

keeping up with the neighbors…

Citation (34)

on waste paper…

Citation (35)

the narcissism of minor differences and the discursive universe…

Citation (36)

education and the perception of living utterances…

Citation (37)

the tapestry of memory…

Citation (38)

reading notes…

Citation (39)

the dangers of logic…

Citation (40)

on studying hard…

Citation (41)

what must be kept…

Citation (42)

derring-do among the philologists…

Citation (43)

in which Lord Chesterfield gives some useful advice regarding time management…

Citation (44)

a writer’s notebook…

Citation (45)

scholarly limitations…

Citation (46)

on the Greek language.

Citation (47)

on architecture, art, busts, and weight…

Citation (48)

facing the void…

Citation (49)

melodramatic laocoon attitudes…

Citation (50)

the dangers of athletics…

Citation (51)

fury and despair…

Citation (52)

materiality and boredom…

Citation (53)

the ship of fools…

Citation (54)

intellectual pelicans and plucked chickens…

Citation (55)

on the best society…

Citation (56)

accumulating and collecting knowledge…

Citation (57)

reading at the dinner table…

Citation (58)

epidemic indifference…

Citation (59)

want and will…

Citation (60)

Kierkegaard reflects…

Citation (61)

Hegel endures history…

Citation (62)

the war of the professionals and amateurs.

Citation (63)

from the lumber room.

Citation (64)

memory, the field of vision, consciousness, a spark.

Citation (65)

at the reference desk.

Citation (66)

howling at the moon…

Citation (67)

consciousness and memory…

Citation (68)

the mystery of the past.

Citation (69)

other readers in the stacks.

Citation (70)

returning to the arcade.

Citation (71)

archaism and fish bones…

Citation (72)

living with things.

Citation (73)

on summer evenings.

Citation (74)

Institutional linkrot.

Citation (75)

Ferrante on Stein, Hemingway, and truth in fiction.

Citation (76)

Jung on bombast and Hegel.

Citation (77)

I write in order to meet myself. I want to catch up with, to become, the person I once was and sometimes am and who has always been there – noting what I really think and feel, see and believe. —Lavinia Greenlaw (Some Answers Without Questions, p. 129)

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