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20 April 2003, around 8.57.

about 3 o’clock.


10 April 2004, around 9.54.

A view (18)

8 June 2006, around 10.27.

watching the rain.


29 April 2008, around 13.24.

Looking out the window of the coffee shop onto the overcast concrete, it seemed to have already become a picture, flat and filtered and filmy and flimsy. The sense of proportion was unmarred, but judging depth was a matter of relative position rather than perception, and a careless move might have scratched the surface, leaving […]

the kind of day

9 May 2008, around 19.27.

Started the new job today, the sort of thing that sounds interesting and civic-minded, but is merely ordinary: the good manager gone, no one understands the new equipment, the ‘we’ll muddle through somehow’ approach to training. A passage of time, of limited duration. Come evening I tumble down to a local favored restaurant and grab […]


11 April 2011, around 16.06.

Sow seeds for flowers right now, I thought this spring, and sowed many more than usual

a spring febricitation

1 May 2011, around 12.16.

on overstimulation and minor authors and spring-time

A view (34)

24 April 2012, around 7.03.

They said spring was dusty; they were not wrong.


3 May 2012, around 19.51.

‘ a bitterly cold wind which drove the dust and tiny pebbles against our faces like a continual storm of hail’

A view (36)

14 April 2013, around 5.31.

out and about

A view (37)

26 May 2013, around 5.59.

the open road

to sliver

26 March 2014, around 10.42.

I can’t remember if that was the actual color of the sky or if that was just what my camera saw.

A view (50)

20 April 2020, around 8.32.

poems, trees, mornings.


24 April 2021, around 21.22.

Near the end of the road.

A view (55)

28 April 2022, around 8.19.


19 March 2023, around 17.30.

an evening turn snow’s phthisis and rain opens a window to spring

other work

27 March 2023, around 14.23.

It is the itchy time of year, that small collection of days when one notices the dusty cobwebs gathered in the corner and along the picture rail, when the dirty streaks on the window vex a spot of sun that shines too brightly but does not linger long. The piles of books pulled out for […]


28 April 2023, around 7.52.

The trillium are late this year.


21 February 2024, around 13.40.

…But if subtleties and sophisms composed the greater part of the metaphysics or pneumatics of the schools, they composed the whole of this cobweb science of ontology, which was likewise sometimes called metaphysics. Wherein consisted the happiness and perfection of a man, considered not only as an individual, but as the member of a family, […]


19 March 2024, around 10.26.

But why should gold, or corn, or labour, be the standard measure of value, more than coals or iron?—more than cloth, soap, candles, and the other necessaries of the labourer—why, in short, should any commodity, or all commodities together, be the standard when such a standard is itself subject to fluctuation in value? —David Ricardo […]

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