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about 3 o’clock.


A view (18)

watching the rain.


Looking out the window of the coffee shop onto the overcast concrete, it seemed to have already become a picture, flat and filtered and filmy and flimsy. The sense of proportion was unmarred, but judging depth was a matter of relative position rather than perception, and a careless move might have scratched the surface, leaving […]

the kind of day

Started the new job today, the sort of thing that sounds interesting and civic-minded, but is merely ordinary: the good manager gone, no one understands the new equipment, the ‘we’ll muddle through somehow’ approach to training. A passage of time, of limited duration. Come evening I tumble down to a local favored restaurant and grab […]


Sow seeds for flowers right now, I thought this spring, and sowed many more than usual

a spring febricitation

on overstimulation and minor authors and spring-time

A view (34)

They said spring was dusty; they were not wrong.


‘ a bitterly cold wind which drove the dust and tiny pebbles against our faces like a continual storm of hail’

A view (36)

out and about

A view (37)

the open road

to sliver

I can’t remember if that was the actual color of the sky or if that was just what my camera saw.

A view (50)

poems, trees, mornings.

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