The agreeable eye

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Budding branches against the charcoal-colored planks of a wooden fence

But why should gold, or corn, or labour, be the standard measure of value, more than coals or iron?—more than cloth, soap, candles, and the other necessaries of the labourer—why, in short, should any commodity, or all commodities together, be the standard when such a standard is itself subject to fluctuation in value?

—David Ricardo (On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, p. 275)

It is springtime, which means that it is more than particularly interesting to walk along the usual routes to see what changes have appeared after the winter stasis. I don’t usually walk along my morning running route during daylight hours, so the details can be unexpected – a flowering branch, an offset fence, a garden half-hidden behind an ill-made wall. It is curious that some stretches seem flatter and easier to tread in the daylight, while others seem steeper and more threatening – the night reverting attributes more nearly to the mean.


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