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19.01.02 – Saturday

19 January 2002, around 17.22.

It seems a great pity to me that more people do not use proper handkerchiefs – as, for instance, the old man sneezing into the shrubberies. Went for a long walk through the snowfall this evening, with the sole intent of ambling once the videos were returned. Snow accumulated quickly in my communist shoes. I […]


12 January 2003, around 9.49.

The house is filling up again—graduate students (myself included) returning for naught week. My neighbor slams her door, rattles her keys, rustles a storm of plastic bags. I do not imagine I seem any quieter to her. And now everything smells of canned beef stroganoff, an odor which, with the interminable rumblings of the kitchen […]

A view (5)

10 February 2003, around 9.23.

gutter, pigeon.

apropos of nothing

10 June 2003, around 8.45.

Small rain.


10 December 2003, around 15.33.

Swan, river, fog.

A view (16)

1 March 2005, around 16.50.

Some people don’t need to worry about catching cold.


28 October 2008, around 2.43.

And a fog settled over the village.

Crambe repetita (25)

21 December 2012, around 5.03.

Margaret Cavendish, Sociable Letters.

and another thing

7 January 2017, around 18.27.

Eventually, it did snow.


8 January 2017, around 5.31.

It has been unexpectedly cold, and on that particularly evening we were preparing for a very cold weekend, with frost and potentially snow. The puddles from recent rains had frozen, which is a rare thing – if I had a better memory, I could probably count on one hand the number of times this has […]

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