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19.01.02 – Saturday

It seems a great pity to me that more people do not use proper handkerchiefs – as, for instance, the old man sneezing into the shrubberies.

Went for a long walk through the snowfall this evening, with the sole intent of ambling once the videos were returned. Snow accumulated quickly in my communist shoes.

I was advised by an unknown pedestrian to find a scarf, for my neck, you see, so I wouldn’t catch cold. For this unsolicited concern I expressed thanks, but felt no inclination to follow such wise instruction, and walked for a goodish while un-scarved. As I approached the apartment block, half watching the shadows of the drifting snowflakes, a few lines ran through my head: ‘I like a look of Agony, | Because I know it’s true…’ And to think, even now, that this quaint and unknowable versifier is just a few miles up the road.


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