The agreeable eye

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rosy-fingered dawn creeping around the dog park.

It is supposed to be warm this weekend and, as usual, there is no air conditioning. Well, that is not quite accurate. There are two air-conditioning units, which may or may not work, that the previous owners left in the storage area, but there are no window supports and no instruction manuals and no one in the household has installed an air-conditioner before and so it seems like more suffering than it’s worth. Especially because no one really likes air-conditioning.

The dog is not particularly enthusiastic about the idea of heat, but she is a dog and doesn’t communicate with tremendous clarity unless it’s important. Anyway, she’s going away to the mountain for a while, so it’s less of a concern. These are the things one thinks about, eventually, but not as soon as one should. A cleverer person would have arranged to go to the coast, where it will be pleasant – but other clever people have probably thought of this as well, which makes it less appealing. Better to relish one’s discomfort, to swelter in unnecessary gloom. More satisfying, really.


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