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Crambe repetita (25)

…Though the Senses know not from what Places, or Parts, Cold comes, or what it Causes, yet they know that we have here at this time Cold with all its Potent Strength, as an Army of Flakes of Snow, with Ammunition of Hail for Bullets, and Wind for Powder, also Huge Ships of Ice, which Float in the Main Sea, and Stop up all the Narrow Rivers; also Cold and its Army Shooting forth the Piercing Darts, which fly so Thick and Fast, and are so Sharp, as they Enter into every Pore of the Flesh of all Animal Creatures, whereby many Animals are Wounded with Numbness, and Die Insensibly, although Manking bring what Strength they can against Cold, as an Army of Furs, where every Hair stands out like a Squadron of Pikes, to Resist Cold’s Assault; and Ammunition of Coals serves for Bullets, and Ashes for Powder, with great Loggs for Cannons, Billets for Muskets and Carbines, Brush Faggots for Pistols, where the Bellows as Fire-locks, make them fly up in a Flame; also great Pieces of Beef for Ships for Men of War, with Cabbage for Sails, Sawsages for Tacklings, Carrots for Guns, and Marrow-bones for Masts, Ballasted with Pepper, and Pitch’d or Tarr’d with Mustard, the Card and Needle being Brewis and Neats Tongues, the Steers-men Cooks, besides many Pinnaces of Pork, Mutton, and Veal, and Flying Boats, which are Turkies, Capons, Geese, and the like, all which Swim in a Large Sea of Wine, Beer, and Ale; yet for all this we are Beaten into the Chimney-corner, and there we sit Shaking and Trembling like a Company of Cowards, that dare not stir from their Shelter…

—Margaret Cavendish
(Sociable Letters, p.256f., letter 190)


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