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03.03.02 – Sunday

3 March 2002, around 21.11.

This a juxtaposition of three quotations about pride and anger and suffering.

The Sacred Font

26 June 2004, around 18.48.

and other puzzles

lost illusions

20 August 2005, around 17.10.

& gout

literary virtues

9 December 2007, around 0.58.

I ordered the book from the library after reading a quotation from it somewhere on the internet. I don’t remember my source, which is probably just as well; I had also heard the author mentioned favorably, and thought I might as well take a look. The book arrived and, as usual, I judged it by […]

Citation (53)

25 January 2016, around 15.43.

the ship of fools…

Citation (57)

5 March 2017, around 6.14.

reading at the dinner table…

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