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2 September 2011, around 18.19.

Books. There’s an invoice there, too.

A view (31)

6 September 2011, around 17.02.

The sky is huge.

A view (32)

29 September 2011, around 6.57.

new vocabulary

4 October 2011, around 9.12.

The other sign in the classroom says ‘Knowledge is essential to freedom’.

mirabile dictu

22 October 2011, around 17.57.

Women from the surrounding rural districts come to the city to sell food; milk and yogurt in the morning, and vegetables in the afternoon. Running late for school one morning, I saw two women quarrel over their barrels of yogurt. Three men in fur-collared coats had difficulty in keeping them apart, as they went at […]

a ramble

13 November 2011, around 16.10.

View of Darkhan. The snow stays on the ground mingling with the dust, not melting even under the sun. Everything is very dry. The dust is the same color and texture of finely ground coffee, as though one could scoop it up into a սրճեփ and enjoy one’s cup of bitterness on the rolling steppe. […]


16 November 2011, around 16.42.

Getting ready for the talent show. It was the last day of the fall vacation, and the teachers competed in a talent show. Each of the departments put together as many performances as they could, in the least amount of time. I think the foreign language department started working on their act on Monday. Luckily […]


18 November 2011, around 9.20.

Four men in orange vests clean the street. Two men work with overgrown spatulas – or worn down snow shovels – tapping the surface to break up the compacted snow, then scraping it towards the side of the road. They work together, each working on half of a lane (with, meanwhile, a clear lane of […]

A view (33)

21 November 2011, around 7.07.


9 December 2011, around 6.56.

The changing patterns of frost on the window are always interesting to me.

A view (34)

24 April 2012, around 7.03.

They said spring was dusty; they were not wrong.


3 May 2012, around 19.51.

‘ a bitterly cold wind which drove the dust and tiny pebbles against our faces like a continual storm of hail’


1 November 2012, around 9.36.

It’s too cold to ride.

A view (35)

4 January 2013, around 14.01.

Frostbound at home.

remarks on teaching

11 April 2013, around 10.40.

Students in the English club. After five years of teaching and team-teaching and teacher-training and observing lessons, I look at this picture and still cringe that one of the students is texting. It’s a club, sure, but do me the favor of paying attention.1 Students paying attention isn’t the point of English classes or clubs, […]

A view (36)

14 April 2013, around 5.31.

out and about

A view (37)

26 May 2013, around 5.59.

the open road

at hasard

29 September 2020, around 5.00.

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