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4 March 2014, around 8.28.

fury and despair…

A Feeling for Books

20 March 2015, around 5.04.

By Janice Radway, Univ. NC Press, 1997.

the idleness ethic

21 December 2019, around 4.42.

Such virtues and vices as he may have possessed seem to have been of the passive sort, always a matter of omission.

lapsus calamities

18 April 2023, around 8.50.

Collected over time and extracted from elsewhere:1 immunogoblins explainatory weekend immune system bears withness ‘tights’ for ‘ties’ ‘sawn’ for ‘sewn’ maniacal pencil Beowful ‘fastened’ for ‘expedited’* ‘mezzo’ for ‘meso’ proprosed thoughs ‘to don’ for ‘do not’ ‘plaid’ for ‘played’ armhold clearify* trail and error ‘Ministory’ for ‘Ministry’ ‘tenants’ for ‘tenets’ ‘famine’ for ‘feminine’ ‘phycological’ for […]

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