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Old Books and New Histories

26 April 2013, around 18.58.

By Leslie Howsam, Univ. Toronto Press, 2006.

An Undisciplined Discipline?

29 April 2013, around 5.40.

By Cyndia Clegg, Renaissance Quarterly (2001).

The Printing Revolution

26 May 2013, around 5.57.

By Elizabeth L. Eisenstein, Cambridge UP, 1983.

Life Story of a Technology

25 December 2013, around 6.04.

By Nicole Howard, Johns Hopkins UP, 2005.

A Publisher Speaking

3 January 2014, around 5.20.

By Geoffrey Faber, Houghton Mifflin, 1935.

The Book

12 March 2021, around 7.12.

By Amaranth Borsuk, MIT Press, 2018.

The Order of Books

2 December 2021, around 12.19.

By Roger Chartier, trans. Lydia G. Cochrane, Stanford UP, 1994 (1992).

Too Much to Know

4 August 2023, around 8.21.

By Ann M. Blair, Yale UP, 2010.

in the dark

8 September 2023, around 6.20.

Quid, cum fictas fabulas, e quibus utilitas nulla elici potest, cum voluptate legimus? quid, cum volumus nomina eorum, qui quid gesserint, nota nobis esse, parentes, patriam, multa praeterea minime necessaria? But what of fiction, from which no utility can be extracted, that we read for pleasure? What of our eagerness to learn the names of […]

a critical perspective

20 May 2024, around 7.26.

The forger, in sum, treats his reader as a flight simulator treats a pilot; he offers a vivid image of the specific text and situation that he seeks to represent, but only a vague and obviously unreal one of their periphery. Like the pilot in training, the reader in question is mesmerized by the deliberately […]

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