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Old Books and New Histories

This is an introductory ‘state of the discipline’ textbook suitable for undergraduates or first-year graduate students. It gives a brief overview of what is involved in studying ‘book history’, as well as current theories and controversies. From the preface:

These approaches are made through literary studies, bibliography, and history, disciplines with very different and sometimes conflicting problematics, which converge upon a phenomenon that is simultaneously a written text, a material object, and a cultural transaction – the book.

The book includes the following sections, the contents of which are more or less as they sound.

  1. Disciplinary Boundaries and Interdisciplinary Opportunities
  2. Mapping the Interdisciplinarities
  3. Models of the Book’s Place in History
  4. Where is the Book in History?
  5. Cross-Disciplinary Observations: The Mutability of Texts, Print, and Readings


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