The agreeable eye

an eudæmonistarchives


The family cow ate some noxious weeds and fell and was butchered. The neighbor’s dog ate five of the youngest chicks and was thereafter executed. One chicken wandered into the latrine and drowned. Ten chicks mysteriously died in their box. For the anniversary of a death in the family, they slaughtered a sheep, slitting its throat to the spinal cord, its legs twitching like a dog asleep. The sad-eyed white dog watched with her pups.

In October and November the apples will be as large as a fist and sweet to eat. Now they are the size of cherries and bitter or sour, as chance strikes them. The cherries are sweet from the tree, red and cream colored. The apricots are ripest and juiciest and respond to bruising with increased sweetness. This cannot be said of most things.


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