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Adversaria (13)

‘Hunger is hunger, but the hunger gratified by cooked meat eaten with a knife and fork is a different hunger from that which bolts down raw meat with the aid of hand, nail and tooth.’ —Marx (Grundrisse, trans. Martin Nicolaus, p. 92)

‘Works of fiction should be seen as responses to obsessions, instincts, and tensions – responses whose purpose is simply to satisfy the mind’ —Danielle Régnier-Bohler (‘Imagining the Self’ in A History of Private Life (vol. 2), trans. Arther Goldhammer, p. 315)

‘A man cannot become a child again, or he becomes childish. But does he not find joy in the child’s naïveté, and must he himself not strive to reproduce its truth at a higher stage?’ —Marx (Grundrisse, trans. Martin Nicolaus, p. 111)

‘Value is their social relation, their economic quality. A Book which possesses a certain value and a loaf of bread possessing the same value are exchanged for one another, are the same value but in a different material. As a value, a commodity is an equivalent for all other commodities in a given relationship. As value, the commodity is equivalent; as an equivalent, all its natural properties are extinguished’ —Marx (Grundrisse, trans. Martin Nicolaus, p. 141)

‘Their apologetic wisdom consists in forgetting their own definitions at every decisive moment’ —Marx (Grundrisse, trans. Martin Nicolaus, p. 150)

‘Nature does not produce money, any more than it produces a rate of exchange or a banker’ —Marx (Grundrisse, trans. Martin Nicolaus, p. 239)


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