The agreeable eye

an eudæmonistarchives


The look of sunflowers bent in the streetlight.

Streets butting into dead ends and empty lots (still smelling of farmland), signposted ‘private property, trespassing, loitering forbidden’.

Circumspect distance maintained between pedestrians while waiting for the crosswalk signal in pseudo-suburbia: ca. eight feet.

Inconvenient end of the concrete sidewalk in molehills, broken glass, blackberry brambles and dry grass, in a stretch of road without streetlights.

Effort required to see the narrow dirt track by the head- and tail-lights of rare passing cars; also, the effort necessary to walk in a straight line when the pavement resumes.

Reflexive averting of gaze when police car passes.

Realization that pyjamas are perhaps not the most appropriate apparel for these midnight strolls.


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