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Crambe repetita (37)

Much had been happening to him since our holidays together in Cornwall. While I was away in America, he had become engaged to a Guildford girl. Not long afterwards he obtained a good post in Guernsey, was married out of hand, and took his bridge with him to his new home. I had ecstatic letters from him about their small house and strip of garden. It was quite a new experience for Dim to cut and roll the bit of grass, dig the beds, and plant cabbages and peas and beans. He said that every time he came in from College he had to go and see if anything was showing above ground. I had a special letter when the cabbages were visible from the mirror.

My first visit to them ‘to see how they and the beans were going on’ had caused me much excitement in the summer of ’95. It sounded homely and primitive, this island life among the beans and cabbages.

—M.V. Hughes
(A London Home in the 1890s, 126)


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