The agreeable eye

an eudæmonistarchives


The Most Illustrious Purpled Person will choose to hear the rogue’s confession of his crime.

Don Tarquinio,
chapter xvii

It is a hot, and it is summer, and there is soymilk and milk made of almonds, and there is also water purchased in blue plastic containers, and I too sometimes think there should be ‘Society of Deprecated Punctuation’ (though I would not admit to thinking that for any great length of time), and I simply cannot stop reading this, a state of affairs which makes it somewhat less surprising that it took me five hours to read Burkert’s 129-page The Orientalizing Revolution (which shouldn’t take, all told, more than three hours, though usually one would divide it over three days, that being the number of chapters), which claims it’s about Near Eastern influence on Greek culture in the early archaic age even though most of the evidence and influences are fifth century or later, which is a skewed definition of ‘the early archaic age’ it seems to me. But it is summer.


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