The agreeable eye

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So I’ve been trying to sort it out; the social life of my house-mates, I mean. Not that I’m interested. Because I’m not. But as a means of distraction. Diversion, that’s it. So there are three other girls. Well. Two girls, I would say, and one young woman, which may be too fine a distinction, I’m not quite sure. Where was I? Right. Social life. So I’m going to just leave out the personalities of these three females. That’s what people do, isn’t it, elide the means to achieve the ends. I’ve been trying to figure out which of them have boys and, if so, to which variety of the human male they belong. So far as I can see, the human male is of two types, the visible and the invisible. The visible male is territorial and will seize the possessions, the living quarters, the life and very soul of any female they chance to meet, assuming, of course, that the aforementioned female has not alienated them with petulant complaints or refusals of physical comforts. I hope we understand each other. So, for instance, the girl at the landing is possessed of a visible male. Or she was a week ago on Saturday, I’m not so sure now. He might have been on loan. He nosed about the kitchen at midday, chased her up and down the stairs a few times, and made his presence generally known. I don’t think he peed on the walls, but his territory was pretty well marked. What, then, of the invisible male? I saw one once, accidentally. The young woman (who lives near the girl at the landing, but down a little hall) had caught him, in the Netherlands or in London, I don’t know because I didn’t ask and, being invisible, the young man made no offers. He didn’t say much of anything, in fact, in the short time I followed the pair up the stairs, except to apologize for not holding the door; in this he was profuse, if quiet. I mentioned three females, though, didn’t I? Hmm. The girl at the top of the stairs is not, to my knowledge, possessed of a boy, visible or no. Or girl, for that matter. Though the seemingly non-existant boy/girl may, in fact, just live a short drive away. Again, I don’t ask. But I’m trying to figure out what sort of conclusions to draw from this non-inquiry into the character of my house-mates’ boys. And I can’t think of one, so there it is.


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