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Wednesday, 24 July 2002

They live on the top floor of the house on the corner; there are windows on two sides of their apartment, and the roof slants steeply. They have no balcony. He has long, dark blond hair, which he usually wears in a ponytail. He is in his early thirties and works in a shop, selling […]

A view (1)

sunset, haze, Greyfriars.

A view (2)

toss & turn.

A view (3)

sunset, Greyfriars.

A view (4)

clouds (not quite at sunset).

A view (5)

gutter, pigeon.

A view (6)



A view (7)

a Sunday afternoon in March.

A view (8)


A view (9)

night, Grayfriars.

A view (10)

guttering pigeon.

A view (11)

blue and orange.

A view (13)

kitchen window, snow.


A view (14)

present absent.


A view (15)

point of view.

A view (16)

Some people don’t need to worry about catching cold.

A view (17)

with polish

A view (18)

watching the rain.


Under the window-seat in the back parlor, where wasps die and desiccate, the memories are kept, unlocked, unbidden, and inaccessible – mint-green florilegium, pallor bred under the western sun. The thought makes me sleepy.

A view (19)

olfactory, rather than visual.

A view (21)

On the evening of my last day of work before leaving for the Peace Corps.

A view (22)

This I will miss.

A view (24)

From the balcony.

A view (25)


When the sun is shining in the morning it is warm enough to drink coffee on the balcony with a book, perhaps something on regional politics, and listen to the swifts cross the sky. I had thought at first they were starlings, because the starlings paused on the wire linking the apartment building to the […]

A view (27)

in the afternoon

Afternoon tea out at the country, in November.

A view (31)

The sky is huge.

A view (33)


The changing patterns of frost on the window are always interesting to me.

A view (35)

Frostbound at home.

A view (37)

the open road

A view (38)

sunset, Portland.

A view (39)

sunrise, Portland

A view (42)

A view (45)

evening, Portland.

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