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28.05.02 – Tuesday

Warrington and Paley had been competitors for University honours in former days, and had run each other hard; and everybody said now that the former was wasting his time and energies, whilst all people praised Paley for his industry. There may be doubts, however, as to which was using his time best. The one could […]

31.05.02 – Friday

When you want to make money by Pegasus (as he must, perhaps, who has no other saleable property), farewell poetry and aerial flights: Pegasus only rises now like Mr. Green’s balloon, at periods advertised beforehand, and when the spectators’ money has been paid. Pegasus trots in harness, over the stony pavement, and pulls a cart […]

to the swift

Creative concentration is a mental process which may be likened to the winding of a ball of wool. As the loose skein is converted into a tight ball the winding goes faster and faster, but if the wool is snapped in the middle it must be rejoined, and the process has to begin, slowly at […]

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