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little bird

21 June 2001, around 12.32.

23 July 2002

23 July 2002, around 20.32.

St. Someone, Kathedrale, Dresden


3 February 2003, around 9.17.


the false dichotomy

25 March 2003, around 14.00.


11 October 2003, around 17.45.

Church Way, Iffley.

inquiry (8)

22 January 2004, around 9.33.

These people have excellent sculptors and professional designers. Their pipes, tomahawks, sticks, spoons carved out of horn, etc., embellish our ethnographic collections. —Marcel Mauss (2004.11, p. 43f.)

a backwards glance

13 April 2009, around 0.27.

The sight of a Greek head depresses many people, strikes an unliberated chord, reminds them of books in their grandmother’s parlor and of all they were supposed to learn and never did. —Joan Didion (‘The Getty’ in The White Album, p. 75)

added too freely

8 June 2014, around 11.41.

In his ‘History of Ancient Art,’ of which the first edition appeared in 1764, Winckelmann gave to the study of the antique an impulse along a line which it has never wholly deserted; his theory of the ‘beautiful’ as manifested even in these Græco-Roman copies to which his imagination often added too freely the missing […]

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