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22 August 2003, around 0.55.

Indigenous people fishing at Celilo Falls on the Columbia River, 1950 (dammed 1957). ODOT Historical Travel Photos


10 December 2003, around 15.33.

Swan, river, fog.

birds, for the

26 January 2004, around 17.00.

fulica atra ‘blissfully easy to identify’

Over a year

19 December 2005, around 18.15.

Hawthorne bridge, Portland, OR, Fall 2004


22 July 2013, around 17.02.

An excursion.

from that other place

17 January 2014, around 20.58.

If one grows up in Oregon, one hears a lot about William Stafford. Always being the sort of person to avoid what other people are talking about (with no regard for its merit or interest), I never read any of his work until just a few months ago – and I expected to sneer even […]


29 December 2019, around 11.06.

Looking for new paths to familiar places.


24 November 2021, around 9.47.

Knowledge of values, in fact, is a matter of direct insight, like seeing that the sky is blue, the grass green. It does not consist of pieces of information that can be handed from one mind to another. In the last resort, every individual must see and judge for himself what it is good for […]

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