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15 November 2003, around 13.22.

…eritis sicut diis scientes bonum et malum… malum punicum vel punica fides?


16 February 2004, around 12.05.

‘I mean, Thessaly wasn’t precisely on the cutting edge of epigraphy…’ said the student. ‘To coin a phrase…’ replied the teacher.


7 April 2004, around 13.25.

On quires and choirs.


4 June 2004, around 14.31.

After the fact.


6 February 2024, around 9.04.

Sketch for a decorative panel, by Sir James Thornhill (ca. 1700) Ideas improve. The meaning of words plays a part in that improvement. Plagiarism is necessary. Progress depends on it. It sticks close to an author’s phrasing, exploits his expressions, deletes a false idea, replaces it with the right one. —Guy Debord (The Society of […]

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