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A view (5)

10 February 2003, around 9.23.

gutter, pigeon.

Poetastery (2)

24 April 2003, around 20.17.

a triolet occasioned by the coming of spring.

Treasons and Strategems

2 June 2003, around 8.03.

Towards evening the women harp on the state of Sarah’s roses and the inevitable road works and the delays which make their schedules rather more hectic than less. The details are lost amid the uneven songs of the pigeons, the beat of wings and scrape of claw on slate. The women loiter in front of […]

waiting for the flood

14 June 2003, around 8.15.

piscium et summa genus haesit ulmo, nota quae sedes fuerat columbis… A family of fishes clings to the utmost elm, once familiar as a seat for the pigeons. —Horace (Odes, 1.2.9–10) A fool might think they were beautiful, their white wings flashing in the sun, their rubid eyes sparkling. They are no longer content to […]

A view (8)

24 June 2003, around 14.01.


A view (10)

19 October 2003, around 11.54.

guttering pigeon.

the trial

9 March 2004, around 16.44.


A view (14)

6 May 2004, around 19.33.

present absent.


15 May 2004, around 11.58.


24 March 2012, around 19.16.

10 Gower St, Hope Mirrlees in a hat, with Lytton Strachey et al.1 Pigeons perch on statues And are turned to stone.2I found this image via the Persephone Post, but they persist in reorganizing their archives and breaking links – a laudable pastime, but one which prevents me from giving them credit as directly as […]

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