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29.03.02 – Friday

Spent an hour-and-a-half wandering around the Bridge St. Cemetery yesterday afternoon, obviously taking pictures. It was sunny, relatively warm, and faintly breezy – the sun was still a few hours from setting and an amiable solitude had settled over everything and if I’d had a lighter book than C. Starr’s The Economic and Social Growth […]

15.05.02 – Wednesday

Am cutting up useless old photographs into tidy little squares, whether to make a mosaic or to rid myself of memories, I cannot really say. The little blocks of color, near one inch squared, look orderly and unnatural on the un-vacuumed carpet. Some people remake themselves everyday. I admire their energy, for even with a […]

24.05.02 – Friday

Quickly, quickly to college. Mortification. The dean read out more than five hundred names within the close confines of the lecture hall – we sat and chattered and waited. CLASS PICTURE – a dully composed image of a people who can scarce bear the sight of each other sitting very close together and squinting into […]

Portrait of the Author

Portrait of the Author in University Parks

the first

unknown child, ca. 1885

the second

the second

the third

Unnamed man, ca. 1885

the fourth

Mallie and Emma Curtis

the fifth

Unnamed woman, 1886

the sixth

Unnamed man, ca. 1885

the seventh

Unnamed woman, ca. 1885

Curio (3)

The market in Nicosia, ca. 1896?

dappled things

Work/Life balance.

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