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aesthetic differences

25 October 2002, around 17.03.

[Bloom] claims to be of the school of aesthetic critics, remarking that, in an ideological age, ‘I feel quite alone these days in defending the autonomy of the aesthetic.’ Yet he himself doesn’t seem to have a clue about how to produce anything approaching the aesthetically pleasing in his own writing. In an interview in […]


27 June 2003, around 13.33.

general principles • moral turpitude • progressive non-action • radical self-sufficiency • righteous indignation • pompous twit


2 July 2003, around 11.39.

Don’t flip.

the very marrow

15 January 2004, around 15.52.

I’ve reached a point where the OED is of no use, for it cannot tell me why some people call them zucchini and other people call them courgettes, nor can it tell me on earth they were not more popular before the mid-twentieth century. The most it can say is that the young fruit of […]

pseudaphoristica (8)

4 March 2004, around 15.05.



7 April 2004, around 13.25.

On quires and choirs.


4 June 2004, around 14.31.

After the fact.

an interval

21 June 2004, around 14.49.

In a backward bin.

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