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of an age

21 February 2010, around 6.32.

I find nothing objectionable in the fact that the young scholar, as may be observed even in my retelling, was flirting a bit with erudition. Later on, scholars began to flirt with illiteracy and achieved in this regard a suspiciously natural effect. —Fazil Iskander, ’The Story of the Prayer Tree’ (Sandro of Chegem, p. 162) […]

pseudaphoristica (22)

24 October 2021, around 6.22.

To describe a place requires more than the negative space of one’s impressions.

point d’appui

27 October 2021, around 6.16.

At Saint Sulpice. (Obvious limits to such an undertaking: even when my goal is just to observe, I don’t see what takes place a few meters from me: I don’t notice, for example, that cars are parking) —Georges Perec (An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris, trans. Marc Lowenthal, p. 15) Aisha Sabatini Sloan’s […]

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