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In the Garden

Books take up space, and libraries, being confined by walls, must occasionally weed the shelves of injudicious pamphlets and books unborrowed through the centuries. That this should astonish or dismay comes as something of a surprise. That, however, is not my theme. I would like to return to the metaphor of libraries as gardens. It […]

the very marrow

I’ve reached a point where the OED is of no use, for it cannot tell me why some people call them zucchini and other people call them courgettes, nor can it tell me on earth they were not more popular before the mid-twentieth century. The most it can say is that the young fruit of […]

Crambe repetita (12)

Samuel Butler, Notebooks.


Crambe repetita (27)

Fanny Burney, Journals and Letters.

Crambe repetita (31)

Irmgard Keun, After Midnight.

Crambe repetita (33)

Mollie Panter-Downs, One Fine Day.

Crambe repetita (38)

Montaigne, Essays.

Crambe repetita (41)

Natalia Ginzburg, The Little Virtues.


To begin with how it is. Sun fallen behind the ridge to the south, the light fading in the valley, though still bright on the northern hills. Raking up after a frost, hoping to clear the drive and the edges of the road before the rain. For I can push a barrow as well as […]

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