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12 January 2003, around 9.49.

The house is filling up again—graduate students (myself included) returning for naught week. My neighbor slams her door, rattles her keys, rustles a storm of plastic bags. I do not imagine I seem any quieter to her. And now everything smells of canned beef stroganoff, an odor which, with the interminable rumblings of the kitchen […]

Crambe repetita (4)

13 January 2004, around 8.38.

Dickens, Martin Chuzzlewit.

Crambe repetita (45)

15 January 2017, around 6.08.

Qiu Miaojin, Last Words from Montmartre.


10 July 2020, around 10.42.

From the frontispiece of Hannah Wolley’s The Queen-Like Closet, or Rich Cabinet Now that we are traveling less, I have been seeing less need to maintain an ebook library – which I was keeping more from laziness than because I prefer the format. So I am trying to decide which books to let go because […]

Crambe repetita (50)

9 June 2021, around 10.44.

Al-Nuwayri, The Ultimate Ambition in the Arts of Erudition.

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