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6.02.02 – Wednesday

6 February 2002, around 7.46.

Overheard conversation: ‘Yea, honey, you know I don’t love you, but I just want to f—k you,’ and you know I’m just saying, ‘I’m sorry, but you’re not even going to get to do that,’ if you know what I mean.’ ‘Yea, I totally understand. They always try to control relationships; they’re so selfish. I […]

a realism

10 January 2006, around 20.45.

Frenchman’s dream

fragment from the shower

17 January 2006, around 11.28.


pseudaphoristica (16)

21 August 2008, around 22.39.


winter’s dragon-voiced storms

7 March 2009, around 4.03.

We make the rounds, going from house to office to house to office, from tea to coffee to tea again with fruit and runny syrup. Mostly we talk about the weather. It is a never-ending source of conversation. The weather and health are the sacred fonts of social feeling. One is always cold, or has […]


8 January 2012, around 15.47.

We are at last reduced to talking about the weather. I suppose it must happen eventually, when you are learning a language – talking about the weather. It is more than collection of vocabulary and predictions, though; we haven’t anything else to talk about. Daily routines, general likes and dislikes, grammatical particularities, and the answers […]

pseudaphoristica (18)

21 December 2014, around 9.26.


dramatis personae

14 May 2020, around 5.20.

I dip into the well of words and find myself in an ocean and the conversation has swept away and it is time to pay the bill and leave the restaurant. I sit on the sofa and I feel my expressions my gestures my mannerisms are no longer mine they belong to the past the […]

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