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5 September 2001, around 16.54.

Ineffably charming, oozing good humor & politic attention; I listen & ask questions – then run to the library and hide among my friends, their dusty spines bristling at imagined indignities.


20 September 2001, around 20.30.

Williston Library Carrel-choosing at the Library — it seems to be one of the social events of the early fall semester… (Yours truly now the proud resident of of carrel no. 502 – fifth floor, by the window, one shelf away from Greek & Latin poetry, twenty-seven paces from Stendhal.) Up very late reading again.


15 November 2002, around 16.29.

Entrance, chair, sun, shadow.

A view (12)

30 November 2003, around 18.36.



22 March 2004, around 15.15.

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