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28.03.02 – Thursday

28 March 2002, around 21.21.

Woke this morning to the chiding of the sun. One always knows that it shall be a bad – or, at the very least, trying – day when distant instances of extreme combustion seem to have gained the power of speech. Moving on, however, to other things. Why is it that, as I read some […]


20 October 2011, around 8.09.

In which Boswell observes some annotations.


23 November 2022, around 13.34.

‘Underlining personalizes the book. The marks become traces of your interest.’ (124) ‘If the book is yours and it does not have antiquarian value, do not hesitate to annotate it. Do not trust those who say that you must respect books. You respect books by using them, not leaving them alone.’ (125f.) —Umberto Eco, How […]

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