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an evening turn

snow’s phthisis and rain opens

a window to spring



Poetastery (1)

… or, Limericks in Honor of Diodorus Siculus

That clever old gent Diodorus
Has written a history for us:
    At forty-odd books,
    It’s given strange looks
By all who dare wade in the morass.

*   *   *

A Sicilian once wrote a story
Omitting all details if gory,
    ‘O dear Diodorus
    Please, this time, don’t bore us!’
Cry readers at every foray.

*   *   *

In telling of Great Alexander,
Diodorus takes care not to slander—
    For he’s always uncritical,
    If not apolitical,
And guilty of trying to pander.

Poetastery (2)

…or, a Triolet occasioned by the coming of Spring.

Perverse and pertinacious Pigeon,
depart, I pray you, from the gutter—
or else thy bastard beak I’ll bludgeon,
perverse and pertinacious Pigeon!
I’ve lingered long in too high dudgeon,
and murd’rous imprecations mutter…
Perverse and pertinacious Pigeon,
depart, I pray you, from the gutter!

Poetastery (3)

Convert me into meter, sir,
  dispose of me in rhyme –
pray enjamb me in a corner
  where I must bide your time.

With assonance I’ll not demur,
  in iambs I shall dwell,
embrace alliteration’s lure –
  I’m sure it suits me well;

each topsy-turvy metaphor
  and simile obscene –
I will not ponder what they’re for
  or ask you what you mean.

For meaning’s mark you may forswear
  though I should keep your time:
Dispose of me in meter, sir,
  disperse me into rhyme.

Small pome


beneath words
all meaning

you have
been used
to your beauty

sticky note

buttered bread and jam

meant lunch on a busy day

work’s forbidden fruit

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