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Within this field, which no single scholar can create but which each scholar receives and in which he then finds a place for himself, the individual researcher makes his contribution. Such contributions, even for the exceptional genius, are strategies of redisposing material within the field. Even the scholar who unearths a once-lost manuscript produces the ‘found’ text in a context already prepared for it, for that is the real meaning of finding a new text.

—Edward Said (Orientalism, p. 273)

So you could imagine it like a spider and a vacuum cleaner — except you’ve got to imagine that the spider wants to be sucked into the vacuum cleaner. So there’s the spider on the carpet, the world, and then there’s the vacuum cleaner, which is the kingdom of god. Now there is that point where the spider has just entered the vacuum cleaner, but is not in fact in the dustbag — this might be called purity of heart. But the spider has not entered the kingdom of god until it has actually reached the dustbag, its journey is not complete until it’s in the dustbag — and that’s the point about salvation.

—Anonymous English Academic


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