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fragment of a dialogue

Is there a reason you haven’t bathed in almost a week?

Is there a reason you consider my personal hygiene to be of general interest?

Answer the question.

Yes. There is a reason.

Would you care to elaborate?

When have I ever cared to elaborate?

Let me rephrase: please share your reasons…

…for not bathing?


I’m not sure I can be brief about about it…

I have as much time as you can spare.

I see. I am, as you know, attempting to work; by which I mean I am in the midst of intellection — not a sweaty business, though strenuous. Carefully I build up collections of thoughts, precariously balanced until mortared together with words. Through long days and longer nights I sort these thoughts. I cannot be swayed from my labor. I must work. Without distraction — which even you will have realized bathing must be.

·             ·             ·             ·             ·

The act of bathing then becomes the ultimate act of poesis — until the process begins again.

Do you actually believe any of that?

Not really.


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