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To my great embarrassment, I mistook this overview of William Blades’s Enemies of Books (via) for a poem1; e.g.:

Bagford the biblioclast.
Illustrations torn from MSS.
Title-pages torn from books.
Rubens, his engraved titles.
Colophons torn out of books.
Lincoln Cathedral
Dr. Dibdin’s Nosegay.
Fragments of MSS.
Some libraries almost useless.


The care that should be taken of books.
Enjoyment derived from them.

Incidentally, I am still amused by The Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac, though its table of contents is nowhere near so … poetical:

My First Love
The Birth of a New Passion
The Luxury of Reading in Bed
The Mania of Collecting Seizes Me
Baldness and Intellectuality


The Pleasures of Extra-Illustration
The Odors which My Books Exhale.
  1. The realization (which occurred somewhere around the third line) that it was not, in fact, a ‘poem’ restored a bit of my faith in humanity. []


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