The agreeable eye

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The two halves of a tribe not only call themselves, they actually are, kangaroos or tortoises. An identical mode of thinking is contained in the idea of the versipellis, known the world over, meaning the man who can change his skin and temporarily take on the form of an animal—the werewolf, for instance.

A passage from Homo Ludens, chapter VIII.

The small points when reading for a project (arbitrary or intentional), when discrete facts from disparate sources align to form, in another text, a constellation, the resonances of which exceed the harmonics intended by the author. So in reading Johann Huizinga’s Homo Ludens as part of a broader look into ritual and the occult, the totems from Durkheim’s Elementary Forms of Religious Life encounter the werewolves of Ernest Jones’s On the Nightmare in the span of two sentences, which one could call synchronicity, but is rather confirmation that these books which occasionally seem so far-fetched and unrelated, can form, together, a coherent image of a whole, even if only for a moment, in a sentence or two.


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