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September 2019

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13 September 2019, around 8.27.

In any art the specialist, even if he is unskillful, is always superior to the most talented amateur. This is the difference between the man who is habitually cautious and never rash, and the man who does whatever suits his pleasure.

This is true not only of the arts and crafts; the source of success in the actions and calculations of daily life is to be dull and cautious. To be clever and willful is the source of failure.

—Kenkō (Essays in Idleness, No. 187, trans. Donald Keene)

A professional in any field will always be superior to a skillful amateur, even if he is not truly accomplished. This is because freedom and impulse cannot equal meticulous care and prudence.

This is so not just of the arts and professions, but of all actions and questions of judgement – a careful fool is on the road to success; one who is skilful but headstrong is headed for failure.

(same, trans. Meredith McKinney)

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