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August 2014


6 August 2014, around 13.56.

corner of a college building, Portland


26 August 2014, around 0.04.

Scent through the open window – party-goer’s perfume or an evening bath, mothballed sociability. Dull beats from the club, from the event space fluorescent light, and the shouting or murmurs of the smokers. Another scent.

Ready for winter – ready to close the windows.

barrier to entry

31 August 2014, around 14.48.

Reading out in the woods
Reading at the window, December 2013.

There were too many things to do this summer, each day crowded with too of the little nothings that are so necessary if anything is going to happen. Now, though, projects are winding down, and there’s nothing to do but bustle about and procrastinate on those last few things that should be done, are easy to do, and that I have no desire to do because I do not, at present, want to plan anything new. So I will wait until it is cold enough to light a fire and, in the meanwhile, be content to read and watch the rain.

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