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November 2009

looking out

6 November 2009, around 19.48.

above Goris

PF took this picture looking out over Goris.

The test included an essay question: ‘write about your fall holidays.’. Although I correctly translated ‘vacation’ into ‘holiday’, I forgot to change ‘fall’ into ‘autumn’. One of the students asked about it. Made me think about what a ‘fall holiday’ would be: bungee-jumping – or Halloween.

Crambe repetita (15)

10 November 2009, around 1.02.


Cabbages drying outside an apartment building.

The Vice-director of education at my school saw me taking this picture from her fifth floor apartment. She asked me about it at school the next day: ‘what, don’t people get ready for winter in America?’

A view (27)

24 November 2009, around 9.40.

view in Yerevan

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