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19 September 2016 – Paris

Sculpture of a scribe's lap, Louvre

Day 13. Reached saturation level for museums today. All the busts of Antinous merged at last into the unattainable; the funerary reliefs of society ladies looked at eternity with boredom; the sirens and sphinxes on red figure vases bemused and befuddled and bewildered. In short, it was worth the 45-minute wait in the mizzle. · It is a very different museum from what it had been fifteen years ago, more crowded, more disorienting.1 Πάντα ῥεῖ.

Sculpture of a book in the lap of probably a saint, but it's not quite clear

On the way back from the Louvre, we visited our last 16th/17th-century church: Saint-Eustache. We’ve admired the vaulted ceilings, the frescoes masked for repair, the brass lantern holders, and all the chairs and organs and moments of prayer.

We also stopped in again at Saint-Séverin to light a final candle – for thanksgiving, for gratitude, for symmetry.

We’ve checked in to our flight for tomorrow. We plan to spend the rest of the day listening to the city. Reading.

We are ready, I think, to return home.

  1. I visited on the same trip mentioned in the first posts on this site. []


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