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Crambe repetita (36)

There are two very exciting machines which I think would capture the imagination of anyone. For instance I have always found a self-binder with its revolving arms a most attractive picture. I think too, perhaps the use of electric fences, which have become very popular recently, might be touched upon and such machines as an automatic cabbage planter, which is equal to Heath Robinson at his best. Apart from these there is a crowd of material on which to draw in such implements as mole-drain diggers, combine harvesters, silage making machines known as cutters and blowers, pocket sized grinding mills as part of any modern barn equipment, milking machines, etc., which linked up with modern methods of transportation are bringing farming once again into its own.

—Allen Lane, writing to the authors of A History of the Countryside
(quoted in Steve Hare, ed. Penguin Portrait, p. 19)


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