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14.03.02 – Thursday

Slept late. How much information is behind those two little words: slept late. Falling asleep just after nine, waking just before one, then sleeping still more until seven-thirty. It sounds appalling, very like laziness; but it isn’t.

Suffering from a blight of coffee-stains. The surface of one of the tables is, if not quite Olympian in spirit, very much interested in the graphic potential of circles both truncated and whole.

A truncated circle. There’s a phrase I have not thought of for some time. Three years. For three years ago, not quite around this time, I gave my friend M. a birthday card which was, as you might have guessed, a circle slightly flattened on one side. After reading it, she looked at the card for quite some time, then observed, ‘It’s not quite circular, is it?’

‘No,’ said I, ‘but it’s not everyday you meet someone who deserves a truncated circle.’

This met with satisfaction on all sides, and we had a very pleasant dinner.


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