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What is my opinion?… Let no one ask me about it, and next to having an opinion, nothing can be less important to another than what my opinion is. To have an opinion is both too much and too little for me. It assumes a sense of well-being and security with one’s existence, just as, in a worldly sense, having a wife and children does, which is not granted to him who must keep himself in readiness day and night without, however, having financial security. This is my situation in the world of the spirit, because I have cultivated and continue to cultivate in myself the ability to dance nimbly in the service of thought […]

—Kierkegaard (Philosophical Crumbs, trans. M. G. Piety, p. 87)

* * *

To know what chimeric writing writes, look at what it was made of: the substance it worked through time. I carry in me – physically, symbolically, imaginally – bundles of echoes in mines, moods and materials, words and voices in every text I write. Sometimes these are in reminiscence, not entirely legible or audible, or hints of a rhythm my words once danced with, and as always in memorable dances, that rhythm goes on even when the dance is over.

—Daniela Cascella (Chimeras, p. 83)


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