The agreeable eye

an eudæmonist


dappled things

…this element itself is neither living nor dead, present nor absent: it spectralizes. It does not belong to ontology, to the discourse on the Being of beings, or to the essence of life or death. It requires, then, what we call, to save time and space rather than just to make up a word, hauntology. We will take this category to be irreducible, and first of all to everything it makes possible: ontology, theology, positive or negative onto-theology.

—Jacques Derrida (Specters of Marx, trans. Peggy Kamuf, p. 63)1

All of the pipes are being replaced in the building, which is over a hundred years old and starting to show its age in various small (and large) ways, the decrepitude of the plumbing being one of the more insistent. We are staying away for the duration – or for more or less the duration – mostly to keep the dog happy. The clouds turn pearly at daybreak before the rain begins again.2

  1. A bit too whimsical for my taste, a riffling and riffing through the pages of others rather than what could be called thinking. []
  2. I had wanted to think about caretaking, about the necessity of stewardship toward the building, an acknowledgement of mere tenancy before handing things along to the future (as justification for inconvenience and uncertainty), but the dog wants to play outside and that somehow seems more important. []


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