an eudæmonist


I confess it as a besetting infirmity of mine that I am too much of an Eudaemonist: I hanker too much after a state of happiness, both for myself and others.

– Thos. de Quincey,
Confessions of an
English Opium Eater

(emphasis mine)

point of interest

This site takes its name from the above quotation; as it applies to myself, it is as true as anything else. Regarding the indefinite article, allow me to assure you I did not give the perhaps unnecessary ‘n’ much thought. This is typical.

the guide

As it can be difficult to find things without a map, I thought it would be helpful to point out where things are:

Curious Facts


I was going to write a Latin poem in the spirit of the Renaissance colophon, but I decided not to.

the accessibility statement

Because it is unlikely that very many people will want to read these few pages, I at one time saw no reason to limit potential readers by making it (visually) even more difficult, if not impossible, to read what I had written. However, since I uncovered no evidence that any accessibility driven ‘improvements’ were ever useful, I have removed them. Weep if you must, I shall not hear you.

My heartfelt apologies for any trouble this may cause; do not allow this to prevent you from writing to me with all relevant complaints, questions, comments, &c.


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