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A view (20)

3 December 2007, around 17.07.

all is roses.

A view (38)

24 July 2013, around 5.38.

sunset, Portland.


11 April 2014, around 20.43.


6 August 2014, around 13.56.


26 August 2014, around 0.04.

Scent through the open window – party-goer’s perfume or an evening bath, mothballed sociability. Dull beats from the club, from the event space fluorescent light, and the shouting or murmurs of the smokers. Another scent. Ready for winter – ready to close the windows.

mise en scène

23 November 2014, around 7.31.

The other day I noticed that the old apartment was empty – the one we had lived in before. It faces west with a view of the city, and has certain conveniences (a trundle bed, a refrigerator that doesn’t block a window) that the current apartment lacks. I emailed the property manager about it, to […]


6 June 2016, around 12.16.

afternoon commute

30 August 2016, around 14.18.

looking up

17 October 2016, around 12.23.


3 May 2017, around 5.40.

Ghostly views on the morning walk – weather warm and strange.


13 June 2017, around 14.32.

Books save lives.


13 February 2018, around 7.43.

Exploring new bridges.


13 February 2020, around 5.42.

An arbitrary detail from ‘Portrait of the Comte De M.’ by Jérôme-Martin Langlois (1831). Just last Tuesday, I ended up at the art museum, although I hadn’t intended to go. It was after going to the dentist, you see, and my jaw was sore from a filling and the right side of my face was […]

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