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November 2007


2 November 2007, around 14.05.


A view (19)

4 November 2007, around 18.07.

arcs of light

From the windows: the sound like the sea in the distance, cars crossing bridges crossing rivers leading to the ocean; the sharp cold color of the hills; shadows in the ridges, and white glaring light off the southern side of buildings; rusty leaves and the smell of ground and rotting chestnuts.

sense of direction

27 November 2007, around 22.48.

Begin to move in one particular way rather than another; whither that tends unknown. Looking for the clew; no minotaurs. Reminds me of that Turkish Night, all angles and crossed wires. I misremember. Miss remembering, not but that madness that way lies – or tells the truth.

Should stop playing with words like that; hurts the hands and the head and doubtless causes blindness.

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